The 2020 general election has seen some new faces enter into Eastern Kentucky politics, but Floyd County's Ashley Tackett Laferty was one of the few to win her re-election bid and now that the campaigning has ended and the votes are counted, she's ready to get back to fighting for the area in which she loves.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the 2020 general election was held, in which a number of legislators were either unseated or won their respective reelection bids. One race in particular saw Floyd County's own Ashley Tackett Laferty go against Pike County native Matt Reynolds for her seat in the House of Representatives for the 95th District.

According to the Kentucky Board of Elections website, Laferty, the Democratic candidate, received 10,663 votes over Reynolds, her Republican challenger, who obtained approximately 7,130 votes.

"I want to sincerely thank the voters of Floyd and Pike counties for re-electing me to serve another term as their state representative in Frankfort," Laferty said. "I am honored and humbled that my community has once again placed its faith in me to vote the values of my district, and trust that I will work my hardest to make our home here in EKY a better place to work, live and raise our children."

According to Laferty, although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restricted her campaigning and prevented her from seeing her constituents as much as she would have liked, she said that her re-election has motivated her to return to Frankfort with a renewed sense of gratitude, purpose and focus.

That focus, she said, is on the future of Eastern Kentucky and those things that are of the utmost importance to the 95th district. Those things, according to Laferty, include 21st century infrastructure capable of driving economic development through high quality water, internet and roadways, including the completion of the 680 Connector between Harold and Minnie.

"Just as important was my focus on jobs, and working to attract more high quality employment opportunities to our community, like the 200 plus state-grade jobs created when our state prison recently re-opened its doors at Wheelwright,” Laferty said.

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