On Jan. 12, the Floyd County Health Department provided an update on its latest cases of the COVID-19 virus, a number that is currently keeping the county in red status.

As of presstime on Jan. 12, according to Floyd County Health Director Thursa Sloan, the department is still currently gathering information regarding new cases, but Floyd has experienced approximately 31 new cases of the virus. That number brings Floyd County’s total number of active cases to approximately 280.

Since the pandemic began, Sloan said, that the county has seen a total of approximately 2,201, and the positivity rate continues to keep the Floyd a “red” county moving forward.

Sloan said that individuals need to continue to limit activities, avoid crowds, wash your hands often, wear a mask correctly when out and practice staying six feet from others at work and when in the public.

According to Sloan, individuals who have contracted the virus are considered in isolation, which would consist of 10 days from the date in which they tested positive, or 20 days from that date if an individual has a weak immune system.

Sloan said that people who have tested positive should not be out in the general public or at work.

“We have an increasing number of people who have been contacts to cases that are now testing positive,” Sloan said. “Current trends are multiple cases in same families, common attendance at events and from gatherings of several people.”

Sloan added that some of these are considered clusters where up to 15-20 people who have tested positive were all at the same gatherings.

“COVID-19 is widespread in the community and you are likely to come into contact with positive persons wherever you go, so we need to remember to be safe,” she said.

Sloan said that the department is continuing to target Phase 1A of the vaccine distribution plan. After that phase is complete. she added, that the county and department is slowly moving into trying to work on first responders.

“Pretty much, we’re doing healthcare workers and we’re trying to work with the hospitals and officials regarding getting different groups the vaccination,” Sloan said.

According to Sloan, the department is going to continue working with officials on rolling out the vaccine and it is asking residents to please remain patient throughout the process. Sloan said that the health department will continue to release new and more information as it is provided.

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