After complaints were brought up during a recent Flood Fiscal Court meeting, the Allen City Commission held its regular meeting on Monday, during which nearly a dozen individuals came out to speak during public comment to either show support for, or criticize the city’s police chief.

During its regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 2, the Allen City Commission welcomed nearly a dozen individuals, who are either residents of the city, or live near Allen, as they were in attendance to discuss the work that Police Chief Darvin Marsillet has done since being named chief.

Recently, an Allen City resident attended a Floyd Fiscal Court meeting, in which he informed the court that something needed to be done regarding Marsillet. During the discussion, County Attorney Keith Bartley informed the resident that he, or any other individual who had concerns over the chief, should attend the next regular Allen City meeting to inform the commission.

During Monday’s meeting, nearly a dozen individuals were in attendance to discuss their views regarding Marisllet and his work around the city. Most of which in attendance were present to complain about the city’s police presence.

According to several individuals, Marsillet has been “harassing” them or someone in which they are familiar with, as well as being accused of “being rude” or “violating their rights.” One individual even accused Marisllet of “placing a police tracker” in their cell phone.

City Attorney Beth Shortridge said that one or more of the individuals in attendance who spoke currently has pending criminal charges due to being arrested by Marsillet. She added that the City of Allen has not received any legal notices regarding possible litigation, after one individual stated that due to Marisllet and his actions, the city has several law suits pending against it.

Although a number of the individuals in attendance were there to complain about Marsillet, there were several in attendance that spoke support. According to more than one resident, Marsillet has been doing a “great job,” especially in helping the city combat the ongoing drug battle here in Eastern Kentucky.

After the city commission allowed each individual to speak, it went into closed session to discuss possible personnel decisions. Once closed session had concluded and the regular meeting had reconvened, the city approved a motion for Marisllet to inquire about pricing for a dash cam as well as a radar gun. Mayor Sharon Woods said that hopefully with those purchases, it will cut down on the accusations being raised towards Marsillet.    

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